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1.  Notice how ______ moves through ______.

The first prompt asks you to attend to a feeling or quality in particular spaces. 

Pull one card from Deck 1 for the first blank (these are the affects or qualities of a space) and pull on a card from Deck 2 (these are types of spaces or places). 

Ex: Notice how mourning moves through sidewalks.

1. Noticing: Research


Read more about what makes up Deck A and Deck B for Prompt 1. 
Scroll to the bottom of the page for examples of noticings in Prompt 1.



Affect can be thought of as a force, intensity, or feeling; a flow or potential coursing through a scene, creating a scene. Affect is a quality of a space, a body, an encounter that does something to us: something sticks to us, lingering long after we leave the scene, or we are compelled to take a particular action. It's the "buzz", "hum", "scratch", or "flutter". We affect and are affected by the scene. 

Affects compose Deck A. These are the qualities, attributes, or feelings of a space to which we hope you will attend, noticing how they are made by and make a space and the consequences they have on its human and nonhuman inhabitants.


Space can be described as the co-composed entities and experiences that occur through the interrelations between human beings and their environments. Place is both a location and the meanings that people assign to those locations. Together, space and place describe our relationships to how our built environments are created, organized, and experienced.

Spaces compose Deck B. We ask you to focus your observations on a particular kind of space. Notice whether your relationship to this environment and to other people, beings, and things that occupy this environment has shifted.

1. Noticing: Research
1. Noticing: Pro Gallery
1. Noticing: Text
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