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2. Make a response to this noticing using ________.

The second prompt invites you to process your noticings using a particular tool or medium. How did this noticing bring your attention to your relationship in this moment to public and private spaces? 

Ex: Create a response to this noticing using a magazine/newspapers.

2. Making: Research

Materials and Creation

Read more about what makes up Deck C for Prompt 2. 
Scroll to the bottom of the page for examples of makings in Prompt 2.



We believe that in making something - in crafting objects, relationships, experiences, conversations, and spaces --  knowledge is also made. The process of juxtaposing different observations and materials, working within creative constraints, quickly iterating, and wondering ‘what if...’ sparks new ideas, questions, and insights. 

Materials for creation compose Deck C. These are easily accessible materials, such as a voice recorder, camera, magazine/newspaper for collage, food, or found objects that we invite you to use to craft a response to your noticing and pay attention to what new ideas, insights, and questions arise. 

2. Making: Research
2. Making: Pro Gallery
2. Making: Text
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