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How to use this curriculum deck

This curriculum is designed to spark creative inquiry into our experiences of public and private spaces.

This curriculum consists of three prompts with blanks (like a madlib), which are filled in with words from decks of cards for each type of blank.

The first two prompts work together to engage you in attending to a quality of 'ordinary publics' through observation and creation. The third prompt then invites you to engage other people in your reflections on this 'ordinary public.'

How to Use This Curriculum: Research

1.  Notice how ___(Deck A)___ moves through __(Deck B)___.

The first prompt asks you to attend to a feeling or quality (Deck A) in particular spaces (Deck B).  Have you observed this quality, in this place, before? Would you expect to find it here, in the way that it manifests?

Ex: Notice how mourning moves through sidewalks.


2.  Make a response to this noticing using ____(Deck C)____.

The second prompt invites you to process your noticings using a particular tool or medium (Deck C). How did this noticing bring your attention to your relationship in this moment to public and private spaces? 

Ex: Create a response to this noticing using a magazine/newspapers.

Read More and Download Deck C

3. Design a curricular exchange

The third prompt encourages you to design a curricular exchange that brings others into your experience of this quality of space and create 'ordinary publics.'

This prompt doesn't have a "deck". Your curricular exchange might take the form of a conversation, teaching activity, or public participatory project.

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